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It’s ON

The Ooggi platform is now live!

Our team is constantly on the lookout for new ways to get IT/Cloud practitioners better prepared for the real world.
Training is a must and so are hands-on projects, but what we find to be most exciting is end-to-end immersive scenarios that will make one feel right there on the job.

Projects in the wild can be messy.
Fast pace, little room for error, responsibilities, timelines, partial or unclear requirements, incomplete documentations, changing needs and much more.
Yet there’s a not so large group of individuals, let’s call them IT/Cloud heroes, that are able to
parachute into a company/team/project to always save the day.

They are focused. They are determined. They will deliver.

Years and sometimes decades of experience has made them high caliber professionals.
They translate customer requirements as sometimes one thing means another.
They set the pace, as others might not know how long things take.
They provide solutions for current problems and mitigate future ones.
These are the professionals that you want in your corner.

How do we get there?
There’s a baseline of training, studying, building, breaking and fixing, but to master that art, direct experience in the real world has to be significant.

This is the Ooggi platform in short.
A collection of IT/Cloud challenges, hopefully so real and close to what you can expect in the wild that you might forget that you’re in an IT simulation.
It’s actually a frequent question we get.
“Am I supporting a real customer?”

We welcome you to take on a challenge and show us how it’s done! 🙂

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